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  • Indonesia: Food safety.

    FoodTechIndonesia offers solutions to meet the present-day international food safety requirements.

  • Innovative Chain Solutions.

    The strength of the Dutch food sector lies in its integral approach (“chain approach”) toward food production, processing, cooling techniques, logistics, distribution and storage of a diverse range of food products.

  • The Netherlands and food.

    Holland, as an exporting country of fresh food products, has a leading reputation in the food industry.

  • Innovative Technology.

    The knowledge about poultry products and the value chain underpins FoodTechIndonesia with its state-of-the-art technology.

"FoodTechIndonesia is a public-private initiative combining the strengths of Dutch companies active in the poultry value chain to improve and strengthen the poultry sector in Indonesia, in close cooperation with their Indonesian counterparts."

Integrated value chain


Developing sustainable high quality inputs, farming methods and safe and efficient processing and cooled logistics.

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Food safety


The demand for sustainable and locally produced, safe, nutritious and protein-rich food products is growing.

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Knowledge transfer


Knowledge transfer is an essential part of the program as training is offered among stakeholders within the sector.

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"The strength of FoodTechIndonesia lies in its integral approach towards the poultry value chain and cooperation between innovative companies offering solutions to respond to the increasing demand for poultry products in Indonesia."

Our global offices

world offices Indonesia

FoodTechIndonesia has a local office in Jakarta, Indonesia and an office located in Zeist, the Netherlands. This way we can give you local support, while maintaining a Dutch contact point at all times.

Please find more information about the global presence of Larive Group here.

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